Available courses

  1. Composites: Definition, characteristics, classifications, applications, failure modes
  2. Unidirectional composites: Transverse and longitudinal strength and stiffness. Ultimate strength
  3. Analysis of orthotropic lamina
  4. Analysis of laminated composites
  5. Thermal stresses in Laminates
  1. Stresses  and Strains in a solid
  2. Boundary value problems for linear elastic and elastic-plastics materials
  3. Stresses and strains beyond elastic limit
  4. Failure modes and Theories of Failure in solid mechanics
  5. The Finite Element Method for numerical analysis


Kinematics of machinery; graphical determination of velocity in mechanism, relative velocity of coincident particles in separate links, graphical determination of accelerations in mechanisms, relative acceleration of coincident particles in separate links. Introduction to computer-aided kinematics analysis; force analysis of machinery, concept of inertia force and inertial torque methods of linkage force analysis. Engine output torque; application of flywheel and determination of flywheel size. Kinematics of gear trains, gear ration, determination of velocity ratios for different configuration of simple compound and epicycle (planetary) gear trains.